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      Since 1636 - Founded 2001

      Barnesmith traces its roots all the way back to the establishment of Harvard in 1636. At that time, Harvard and America's greatest colleges paved a path of excellence in both academics and athletics and a distinguished collegiate style of classic apparel.

      Barnesmith grew out of the traditions of the history and growth of the America's best colleges.  Our company began producing authentic collegiate apparel for the eight Ivy member schools, also known as the "Ancient Eight" with the launch of our store, Ivysport. These prestigious schools included Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Harvard, Penn, Princeton and Yale and established the mission to succeed succeed in learning, athletics, and the game of life.  We're Inspired by traditional and classic collegiate clothing of the America's great colleges.

      We encourage you to send us an email at  if you have a suggestion or comment about our company, products and services.